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Precision Medicine Telepharmacist

An ordinary pharmacist with an extraordinary passion to inspire other pharmacists

Podcast Host

Host of The PharmXcel Podcast, a member of the leading global Pharmacy Podcast Network

Public speaker

Keynote Speaker & International Advocate
for Digital Health, Telepharmacy and Precision Medicine

writer & Blogger

Columnist and Author in international journals and bloggist of
The PharmXcel Blog

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Award-winning Pharmacist

Double-Award Winner at the New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards 2020Community Pharmacist of the Year 2020
Research and Education Award Winner 2020


Australasian Precision Medicine academy

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The PharmXcel Academy

Creating content and courses that enable pharmacists to unlock their inner excellence

Right Med Right Dose

Leading the Precision Medicine movement in New Zealand through the first consulting practice of its kind.

Medicines Expert

Over 15 years of industry experience, implementing multiple projects across the pharmacy sector

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Katrina Azer

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  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, University of Otago, 2007

  • Registered in the New Zealand Pharmacist Scope of Practice, registration 9157

  • Postgraduate in Clinical Pharmacy (Distinction), University of Otago, 2022

  • Certification in Pharmacogenomics, University of Pittsburgh, USA, 2022

  • Certificate in Clinical Governance in Healthcare, Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance, 2021

  • Certificate in Mihi Process & Meihana Model in Māori Healthcare (Distinction), University of Otago, 2021

  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Health Sciences Academy of London, 2020

  • Certified NLP Life Coach, Auspicium, 2021


  • 15 years experience as a registered pharmacist in the retail pharmacy and general practice setting

  • Governance & Regulatory experience - Board member of the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand

  • New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards -Research and Education Award 2020

  • New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards - Community Pharmacy of the Year 2020

  • Writer in Pharmacy Today - NZ's Pharmacy publication

  • Collaborated to design Medication applications with general practitioners

  • NZ's first accredited Pharmacogenomics pharmacist

  • Consulted on several projects in the health sector

  • Member of the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium

  • Advisor to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in the NZ Parliament, Kāpuia

Beyond Dispensing

Do you want to expand past traditional pharmacist roles and move beyond dispensing?Do you want to start your own consulting business and provide your own unique offering?Do you want to know how pharmacogenomics and telepharmacy can help you expand your offering?Do you want to take a new career direction but are unsure how?I can help you!

I provide these services:

  • Setting up a Pharmacogenomics Consulting Business

  • Integrating Pharmacogenomics into workflow

  • Pharmacogenomics education & coaching

  • Integrating Telepharmacy into workflow

  • Career Coaching

  • Pharmacy Project Advice & Consultancy

I provide various coaching and consulting packages to suit your needs, send me a query and I will get in touch with you.

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Healthcare Provider Services

I provide these services:

  • Pharmacogenomics Implementation in your practice or pharmacy

  • Healthcare Project Consultancy

  • Research Projects

  • Telepharmacy Implementation

  • Equity & Inclusion Advisory

I provide various consulting packages to suit your needs, send me a query and I will get in touch with you.

Pharmacy Assessment Services

If you're looking for a pharmacist who just counts pills..
Well.. that's not me!
I take pride in providing dispensing services that are.. just a little.. extraordinary!My aim is for every patient to exit the pharmacy getting the highest level of care possible.Care that is timely, empowering and informative.Excellence is my brand when it comes to delivery of healthcare services.After all, I am a double award winner.I am on a journey of exploration for the next few months to identify barriers and opportunities in community pharmacy.
You see... I am working on some exciting projects to bring to community pharmacy and I feel a little bit out of touch with it.
So, during my short tenure in your pharmacy, if you don't mind, as well as working of course, I will be asking questions and exploring where your staff find challenges in going the extra mile with patients, what would make their job more fulfilling and how do they define pharmacy practice..I also provide workflow improvement assessments that aim to speed-up dispensing (also known as lean dispensing) and provide recommendations on implementing new services. Contact me for more information on these services.I look forward to working with you!

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Who am I?

Hi! I'm Katrina.
From community pharmacy to a virtual pharmacist in general practice, to building my private consulting practice, navigating my career has been a ride for sure.
I was once dissatisfied with the status quo of my practice. To say I felt extremely underwhelmed with pharmacy would be an understatement.But I had it all wrong you see.
I thought pharmacists could only exist in retail or hospital settings.
As I went exploring my career path, one thing did become clear to me, that pharmacists are indispensable.
And there is need for pharmacists to traverse unconventional clear paths to extend their medication expertise to patients in every setting.
Recognizing this, I am on a journey to transform pharmacy practice by unlocking the full potential of every pharmacist and help them unearth the excellence that lies within.Because once you know how to leverage your full skill and expertise as a pharmacist, your career will take a totally significant direction.So.. do you want to discover how you can find fulfilment in pharmacy?Then join me on this transformative journey...

Courses that'll Elevate Your Career

Once upon a time, you were an ordinary pharmacist...

You dispensed medications like majority of pharmacists out there, making sure they're all verified and accurate, with the right medicine at the right dose, at the right time.Your knowledge was confined to the pharmacy walls, despite that your ambitions often revolved around having a much bigger impact in patient care and utilizing your clinical expertise to its maximum.Sadly, this isn't always the reality and many pharmacists struggle with this misalignment between what they expect from their career and how they practice pharmacy.Today, the landscape of healthcare is much different.You can take your pharmacy skills beyond those 4 walls.You can serve patients anywhere, anytime using digital health tools.Adding to this, patients are now more savvy about their healthcare needs, they want their healthcare to be tailored to them individually, while status quo care is not catering for this.Yet, many pharmacists stumble along the way - lost in the healthcare maze and the corporate world.For years, healthcare has been fragmented.And pharmacists are getting more burned out than ever.Pharmacists are seeking a solution to own their careers and practice in a fulfilling way at the top of their scope.A way that aligns with their clinical expertise as the medication experts.One that fulfills them, and equally provides patients with the maximum benefit from their medicines.Pharmacists are left to work it all out on their own, from podcasts to certifications to job hopping. No one has put it all under one roof - until now.I see the struggles of pharmacists, and I know the solution.I've been there and done that over the past two years of building my career.On January 31st, 2024, I'm aggregating 3 years of expertise in telepharmacy, pharmacogenomics, business, marketing and launching with proven methods and actionable strategies into the Australasian Precision Medicine Academy.Imagine having the power to tailor medication choices and dosages based on a patient's unique genetic profile, reducing adverse reactions, improving drug efficacy, and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. This is the promise of pharmacogenomics, and you can be a pioneer in this groundbreaking field.This is not like your ordinary Pharmacogenomics certification course.This is a Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics Program that combines the best in Pharmacogenomics education, the latest evidence, real-world examples, and implementation strategies with business, marketing and launching strategies to not only allow pharmacists to practice at the top of their scope as precision medicine experts but also to build their own business or side-gig alongside their 9-5, market their expertise in a competitive world, or integrate it into their current practice setting.I've witnessed the potential of pharmacists who embrace pharmacogenomics, and I understand the path to success in this transformative field. This program will set the stage for a new era of pharmacists delivering individualized patient care and building thriving careers in a dynamic world.And I'm inviting you to be part of this shift.

Join the waitlist below to find out more about what's in the program, be the first to know when it's LIVE and get FREE pharmacogenomics educational updates.

Stay tuned.Dedicated to your success,

- Katrina Azer